Where can I find your seedlings?

Our seedlings are available for about 10 weeks beginning at the end of April. You can find them at the Portland Food Coop and Morning Glory Natural Foods in Brunswick, and by special order at the farm.

Are your seedlings organic?

Yes, all of our seedlings are certified organic and grown without the use of pesticides or fungicides. We use a certified organic approved potting soil from Maine company Living Acres. It is a soilless mix made of peat, compost, and perlite.

Where do you get your seeds?

We purchase seeds mainly from Johnny's Selected Seeds (Maine), High Mowing Organic Seeds (Vermont), and Fedco Seeds (Maine). Some herb cuttings come from Hillcrest Nursery (Maryland). We purchase organic seed if available, but some varieties we like are only available as conventional seed. They are all non-GMO.

What varieties do you grow? Will they do well in our idyllic coastal climate?

All of the seedling varieties that we sell are ones we grow out on the farm as well. They are well suited to our coastal Maine climate (and the taste is farmer-approved). Below is a list of most crop varieties we sell in seedlings.

Vegetables: Broccoli - Belstar; Cabbage - Farao; Cauliflower - Bishop; Cucumber - Marketmore (slicing), Calypso (pickling); Greens Mix - Ruby Streaks Mustard, Mizuna, Tatsoi, Kales, and Arugula; Kale - Lacinato, Ripbor, Red Russian; Lettuce - Adriana, Alkindus, Green Forest, New Red Fire, Skyphos, Starfighter, Tropicana, Two Star; Peppers (bull horn) - Carmen, Oranos; Peppers (bell) - Yankee Bel, Gourmet, Sweet Sunrise; Peppers (hot) - Early Jalapeño; Spinach - Space; Summer Squash - Slick Pik, Zephyr; Swiss Chard - Bright Lights; Tomato (cherry) - Sun Gold, Sweet 100, Yellow Mini; Tomato (heirloom) - Ananas Noir, Black Prince, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Rose, San Marzano, Striped German, Yellow Brandywine; Tomato (red) - Big Beef, New Girl; Zucchini - Dunja, Yellowfin.

Herbs: Basil - Eleonora, Dark Opal (purple), Sweet Thai; Cilantro - Calypso; Chives; Dill - Greensleeves; Mint - Kentucky Colonel Spearmint, Peppermint, Chocolate Peppermint; Marjoram; Oregano - Italian; Parsley - Wega, Italian Giant; Rosemary - Arp, Hill Hardy; Sage - Berggarten; Tarragon; Thyme - English, French; Lemon Verbena.

Flowers: Cosmos - Sensation Mix; Nasturtium - Dwarf Jewel Blend; Sunflowers - Evening Colors Blend; Zinnia - County Fair Blend.

When should I plant my seedlings?

We harden-off seedlings prior to sale by moving them from the greenhouse to the outdoors for a few days, where some wind and rain strengthen the tops; they are ready to plant as soon as you get them. If you are waiting to plant, keep them in a sunny but protected location and water regularly. Plant frost sensitive plants (basil, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cosmos, zinnias) after the danger low temperatures has passed, mid-May is usually safe for Southern Maine.

I'm new to this whole gardening thing, how should I go about planting my seedlings?

Water seedlings prior to transplanting, making sure the root-ball is saturated. Remove the plant from the pot by gently squeezing the pot on the sides to loosen. If you find that the seedling is root-bound, gently tease apart some roots prior to planting. Place the plant in the ground, firm in the surrounding soil, and water in promptly. Most seedlings should be planted to about the same soil level as the pot they're in (tomatoes are an exception - you can plant tomatoes deeper in the ground as the hairs on the stem will develop into roots). Transplant into healthy, fertile soil. If planting in a container use a good quality potting soil.

I have one window box and would like to grow all the things. Will that work? Also, it gets only one hour of sun a day.

I admire your enthusiasm but you may need a bigger area. Space plants far enough apart so that when they are full grown they are not crowded. You can find simple spacing information as well as more detailed info for setting up a 'square foot garden' plot here. Vegetable and herb crops prefer full sun (that's at least 6 hrs), so give them enough space where they won't be shaded out by each other.

Check out Johnny's Seeds' excellent Grower's Library for more detailed crop specific information.