What can I expect in each share?

The amount of produce will vary each week depending on the season but generally the half share contains 4-5 items and the full contains 7-8 items (or larger quantities than the half share). Please note that these are slightly smaller shares than in previous seasons.

We aim to keep the value of the box consistent from week to week though summer shares may be slightly on the higher value side, while spring and fall are slightly lower. Our goal to give you a variety of items each week that combine well together.

The following are the main crops you will see in your share and when they tend to be in season. You can expect some additional items available on occasion as well.

  • June: beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, chard, kale, lettuce, salad mix, radishes, spinach, summer squash, strawberries, zucchini

  • July-September: most June produce + basil, beans, cucumbers, garlic, onions, sweet peppers, potatoes, tomatoes

  • October-November: beets, carrots, cabbage, chard, kale, leeks, lettuce, potatoes, radishes, spinach, sweet potatoes, winter squash

Which share size should I choose?

Go for the Half Share if - you are one person, or a couple that enjoys vegetables but doesn't necessarily cook with lots of them every night. You eat out some during the week and you like the ability to buy any additional things you're in the mood to eat that day at the store or farmers market. This is a share that is smaller than what you may find from other farms. It grew out of the desire to give those individuals who want to support a local farm the option of a farm share without having a ton of produce left over each week.

Go for the Full Share if - you are one or two people that go through a good amount of vegetables each week. Or are a larger household but your eating habits are more like those described above. Still focused on staple items, the full share has a greater variety and/or quantity of the items in the Half Share.

If you are new to our CSA and unsure what size to get we recommend starting with the Half Share - you can always switch to the Full if you find you want more produce.

I don't like tomatoes. Can I get something else instead?

We now offer full customization of shares (new for 2019). Even if it's tomatoes you’re not a fan of. How this works: We set a default share for the upcoming week; you then go into your online account and change any items you want to switch out among any of the seasonally available items. Changes can be made up to 2 days prior to delivery. If you choose not to (or forget), you still receive the default share for the week.

I'm taking a trip to Fiji, can I put my share on hold?

We want to accommodate your life's normal schedule - vacations to exotic locations included. Just log in to your online account and put your share on hold for that week. You can receive your extra veggies on any following delivery date. You can also have a friend pick up your share (and make them feel better about not getting to go to Fiji), or even donate your share and we’ll add it to the veggies we regularly deliver to the local food bank.

Do you include a newsletter and recipes with your shares?

We do send out a weekly CSA e-newsletter that includes item descriptions, storage tips, some general use suggestions, and musings from the farm. It is often short, occasionally funny, and hopefully worth your time to read. But we don't include full recipes as there are much better resources for recipes than we can offer, some easily searchable by ingredient. A couple of our favorites are smittenkitchen.com and 101cookbooks.com.

I've tried CSAs before but drowned in turnips. Will I drown in turnips with your shares?

We know this is a concern. No one likes to meet their demise by turnip drowning. It's one reason we offer a half share size that won't overwhelm members (regardless of the items you choose to get). We also focus on growing items that are easy to use in your daily cooking, and try to vary the selection week to week. So while spinach, lettuce, and tomatoes are often options for the shares, rutabaga is not. We understand that lots of unusual vegetables can be overwhelming in a farm share and think our customers may be happiest picking those up on a trip to the farmers market. 

How do I know if my location qualifies for home delivery?

While we are no longer able to offer single-share home delivery we can still do home delivery if you have at least 6 people who would like to receive shares at the same Portland location (we can also deliver to parts of South Portland). We will confirm that your location is within our delivery area when you contact us to have your site added as an option prior to signup. Please note that large apartment buildings do sometimes pose a problem for safe share drop-off; an off-street, shaded place for us to deliver (like a covered porch) is often best.

How do I get my home/office added as a pickup location ?

If you have 6+ people interested in getting shares delivered to the same location - whether office or home - contact us to have the site added to as a pickup location. For offices please let us know the name of the business, address, and any specific instructions on how to enter the building and where to leave the shares. Also let us know if this location will be for employees only or if you would like to make it available for other people working or living nearby to use this as a pickup location.

What do the “credits” mean on the signup page?

On the signup page you will see x number of credits listed next to each share price. This is the credit amount you are able to use when you log in to change your share items each week. Veggie items range from 2-5 credits. You can also purchase additional items for any given week if you would like.

Why should I choose your CSA over all the CSAs in the world?

Well that's a hefty question. We actually think each CSA program has unique qualities that may be most attractive to different people. If you like trying new recipes with unusual items you haven't tried before, there's probably a different farm CSA better suited to your needs.

What we will give you is just about the best quality produce you can find. Our produce is picked fresh the day-of or day-prior to delivery, and the shares are kept in the cooler until they leave the farm. We aim to make the delivery option convenient for your schedule, easier than making a trip to the store for your weekly vegetables. And since we now offer customization of each week’s share you can be sure you’re only getting the items you want to receive each week.

In the end a CSA program is also about connecting with where your food comes from and knowing your farmer. And while we may not get the chance to see you in person every week, we look forward to the opportunities to connect and hope you feel that you become a part of Left Field Farm through the food and interactions we share.

Have another question we haven't covered? Ask away!