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Sean Hagan started Left Field Farm in 2012. We grow a diversity of vegetables and fruits on 8 acres that hug the coast of Merrymeeting Bay in Bowdoinham, Maine. We sell our produce through a farm share program, at farmers markets, and to stores and restaurants. Everything is sold locally - to the Portland area and midcoast region.

When Sean isn't farming you can find him in the studio printing on a letterpress (website in the works).

Recent press: Growing a business from the ground up

Farm Philosophy

We farm with the philosophy that good quality produce starts with healthy soil, striving to farm in a manner that maintains and even improves soil health for the future. We use techniques such as crop rotations and cover cropping to build organic matter and increase the biological activity of the soil. Our pest management system relies on the idea that healthy plants, able to get the proper nutrients they need from the soil, will be better able to resist pests in the first place. Though we may use an organically allowed pesticide, we aim to do so as a last resort. 

Left Field Farm is certified organic by MOFGA. Being certified organic means the farm works to integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. Synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers are never used. More about why buying local certified organic is a good choice.

We want to be able to put our hands in the dirt and eat a tomato right off the vine - to know that the fields where we spend our days are healthy places to work, and the food we grow is good for everyone who eats it. We are happy to talk to customers about any of the farming practices we use at Left Field Farm, just ask!

Sean has been farming for over ten years. His farming path looks something like this: